Pastor’s Note

August 2022

As I write this, I am in the middle of my quarantine after coming down with COVID-19. It started as a little tickle in my throat that I didn’t think twice about, but I decided to take a home COVID test one morning before heading out to a worship service followed by a lunch with other United Methodist clergy. I’m grateful I took the test because it kept me from having “significant contact” with several people. Up to that point in the week I hadn’t had significant contact (namely, 15 minutes or more within 6 feet or less of a person) with anyone except my family.

As I have been in this time of isolation, I’ve talked with family and friends who have told me their stories of infection. One friend talked about her son, who most certainly got COVID from his fiancé, but chose to go on a fun weekend with his friends. All of his friends later tested positive for COVID.

As hard as it is to go back to being COVID cautious, these times now warrant such caution. We need to mask, social distance, and test even if we have only the slightest of symptoms if we plan to be around others for any significant amount of time.

In this newsletter is some information about Stagecoach Days, which we hope to participate in again this year; Emma Norton, which is a vital ministry in St. Paul; and UMCOR which is doing crucial work in the world for those who need it most.

As we enter this last month of summer, I hope that we will have times to enjoy friends and family and God’s good earth. I’m enjoying hearing about people’s gardens and flowers and road trips to be with family. Take time to give thanks for the bounty God has given.

I was talking with a colleague a week or two ago who said that they have found that the pandemic has made them more gentle—with themselves and with others. They said that they were less harsh in their thoughts about others and less perfectionistic themselves. There’s something about going through a trial like a pandemic that makes us grateful just to be here for another day.

May you find joy within your days as each one unfolds and may God’s blessing rest upon you.
-Pastor Holly