Pastor’s Note

January 2021

As we turn the corner to 2021, we hope and pray that this year will be better than the last one. As I was looking at what I wrote in the newsletter for January 2020, none of us realized what was in store for us in the coming months. I’m hoping the same will be true of 2021, but instead of being surprised by a pandemic that kept us needing to be safely distant, I’m hoping and praying that 2021 will bring us safely back together and will bring us so much good news that we will hardly be able to bear it!

As we move forward in uncertain times, we do well to remember that no matter where we go no matter what life brings us, God is always with us and God will always help us—through good times and bad.

It strikes me that when Jesus was born, the people were living in uncertain times. Jesus came to the world through an unwed teenage mother, living under an oppressive government. In his young age he and his family fled to Egypt to escape the death squads of a fearful dictator. Jesus, God-made-flesh, came and endured all the disadvantages that someone born to a poor oppressed family had to endure.

And yet Jesus (God in the flesh) came to lead us into hope and give us courage for the coming days.

As I write this, the initial roll out of the vaccine is happening and I’m seeing Facebook posts showing people I know getting the vaccine for COVID-19. One of the people I know getting the vaccine is a nurse and the other, my cousin’s daughter, is a pharmacist. Seeing these people get the vaccine brings me hope.

As we move into 2021, may we be filled with hope, not only for a vaccine that will give us better life and more freedom in the coming year but also for a God who came to us as a vulnerable child, grew into an adult and gives us hope for all eternity!

~ Pastor Holly