Pastor’s Note

June – 2019

Our congregation is launching an exciting new initiative this summer called Family Fun Nights. With the help of the Nurture and Discipleship Team, we are planning fun and interesting gatherings for children out in the community on the second Wednesday of each summer month, with food, games, crafts, songs and stories. The first two are being held at Goodview Park, the last one, in August, will be held at our church. Look for more information about these events in this newsletter.

I’m excited to launch this Family Fun Night initiative. Since my arrival at the church 4 years ago, we haven’t had any weekday summer activities specially targeted for our elementary age kids. This will be a fun chance to have our kids and all the kids of the community together to have some fun and learn a little about God’s love for all.

I went to a workshop many years ago, whose theme was “When school is out, church is on!” The leaders were trying to encourage us to think about ways to engage the kids in our churches and in our communities when young kids have a lot more free time to engage with the church in fun activities. One of the challenges of summer scheduling is figuring out when to do things when everyone is in town and not off on some family vacation. We’re hoping that this monthly offering of Family Fun Night will allow many different kids to have some fun with the guidance of our Nurture and Discipleship Team and others from our church.

One realization I had, when thinking about doing something with the elementary school kids of the community is that, because of Reading Buddies, members of our congregation have had significant contact with half of the children at the elementary school. Starting three years ago, six church members began with first and second grades, meeting with their students every week. This year we still have all of first grade and half of second grade covered by Reading Buddy members of our church and those we started with three years ago are completing third and fourth grades!

What a great legacy and positive influence we have had on the children in our community!

I encourage you to consider helping with, bringing your kids and grandkids to, and praying for the ministry of these Family Fun Nights. We are excited that God is doing a new thing in our midst!

Pastor Holly