Pastor’s Note

May – 2017

I missed Easter this year. For the first time in the 29 years I have been a pastor, I missed worship due to an illness (stomach flu) and it happened to be on Easter!

I’m told that people stepped forward and we had a great and joyous celebration nonetheless. Susan Nienaber, our District Superintendent, stepped in to preach (after getting a desperate call from me at 7:00 that morning), Bea Z. led the opening part of worship including the prayers, and Donna K. did the children’s message with the MANY kids (someone counted over 25 kids up front for the children’s teaching time).

The flowering of the cross was beautiful again as people put individual flowers into the grapevine wrapped around the cross and made a beautifully decorated cross.

But I missed all of that. My illness put me in bed and I slept 22 of the 24 hours of Easter Day.

As I was commiserating with a friend the week following Easter, that I had missed Easter, she said, “No you didn’t!” Easter is here! He is risen!”

She’s right. We’re in the midst of the Easter season which lasts all the way to Pentecost on June 4. We are an Easter people who celebrate the resurrection throughout the Easter season and beyond. We may not have been in a worshipping community singing “Christ the Lord is risen today!” but the Alleluias echo throughout this season. It is because of the resurrection that we even exist as a Christian community and every Sunday is meant to be a reminder of the good news that Christ is alive!

I was talking with one of the baristas at The Nesting Grounds Coffee House in Wyoming and she said that she had met one of our church members at a garage sale over the weekend. This church member, upon hearing that she worked at Nesting Grounds, asked if she knew me, and when she said she did, this church member said, “Wyoming United Methodist Church is an amazing church, if you don’t feel the love the moment you step into the building, you are not alive.”

Christ is alive! We are alive! We are to spread the Easter good news of God’s victory over death and God’s eternal love for all of God’s creation. Easter joy is for everyone everywhere!

~ Pastor Holly