Pastor’s Note

July – 2017

As I began my last sermon series at the beginning of June, I told many of you that I was trying to look for something light and entertaining to have as a sermon series in the summer. Knowing that summer is a time for vacations and reunions and fishing and fun, I thought having a sermon series that would be fun, would be the perfect fit. You may have noticed I didn’t succeed in finding something ‘light’ for my first sermon series of the summer.

But the series “Good Grief: Facing Death with Hope” that ends on Sunday, July 2, has been a deep and meaningful series, very well received and something that has caused me to stretch and grow in the process. Though delivering the sermons has sometimes been an emotional experience for me and has evoked emotions (tears) in others, every single Sunday one or two of you has told me a story of how the sermon has struck you or has shared your own personal story as it relates to the sermon.

Some have told me about their Near Death Experiences as I shared a few Near Death Experiences that I have been told about in my sermon about what happens after death. I’ve also had people tell me that even though they have had their hearts stop, they have not had any of the experiences that I described and they wondered what I thought about that.

It’s likely that each of us has our own unique experiences because we are each unique individuals created by God. It’s the spectacular experiences that get told while the mundane ones are rarely shared. Part of what my research of the Bible has taught me is that, whether we’ve had spectacular Near Death Experiences or not, all of us who seek a relationship with God will be welcomed with open arms into eternal life following our deaths.

My next sermon series will be on prayer. I have abandoned the notion that summer sermons have to be ‘light and fluffy,’ indeed, can anything that takes Jesus’ life seriously be light and fluffy? We know that Jesus is the light and we embrace that light, but we do not take it lightly.

As we continue through the summer let us learn and grow together.

~ Pastor Holly