Pastor’s Note

June 2021

It’s been quite the year. Recently, our Administrative Council made the decision to open up our church building to group meetings. A couple of Small Groups have already been meeting in the church building and we are now inviting back the quilters, the Men’s Prayer Breakfast and all manner of other groups that use our building during the course of a normal week. I’ve talked to some people who are eager to return to their groups, but will not feel comfortable gathering with them unless everyone is wearing a mask. Some groups that involve food may not want to meet until everyone in
the group is fully vaccinated. We need to respect everyone’s physical and emotional needs in this scary and exciting time.

On Sunday mornings we’ve started singing instead of simply humming during our congregation hymns while still remaining physically distanced. Masks are now optional in our worship as multiple Wyoming businesses
and institutions (library, bank, grocery store, City Hall) are lifting their mask requirements. We’re also opening back up our Sunday School for those who feel safe enough to come. Again, some of our kids are excited to return to Sunday School, some of our families aren’t ready for this step. And we respect that.

For some of us, this change has taken way too long and should have happened months ago. For others, this change is happening way too fast and we should be more cautious. We need to remind one another that none of us have been through a pandemic before. We’re all navigating new territory and above all other things we need to be kind to one another.

In last month’s newsletter I spoke of taking a couple of vacation weeks in June. Those weeks have now changed to the end of July/beginning of August. I will be around for all of June.

I’m excited that Alaina Boettcher is joining us as an Eli Intern this summer. She will be a member of our staff June 1- August 8. Look for her in worship and other activities during those weeks.

I’m also excited that our church is giving Bibles to third graders and that we’re honoring our 2020 and 2021 graduates. Spring is here. Summer is coming. God is faithful through it all.

~ Pastor Holly