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Fall Dinner 2017

Stagecoach Days Pie & Booya 2017

Holy Humor Sunday 2017

Christmas Tea 2016


Fall Dinner 2016

This year, our Annual Fall Turkey Dinner was held on October 15th. One hundred percent of the proceeds were divided between The Refuge and Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau.

Stagecoach Days Pie & Booya 2016

This year we served at least 750 slices of (FREE) pie and the entire batch of Booya! Over $900 was donated to ‘A Brush With Kindness’ and to UMCOR for the Louisiana flood victims.

Holy Humor Sunday 2016

Celebrating the Resurrection Laugh! – April 3, 2016

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Easter 2016

Santa’s Helper 2015

This year we had 10 kids stop by for an evening of fun, food and (at times) frenetic activity! The big hits were Santa’s visit, (especially when he read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas), the Treasure Hunt that took the kids all around the church looking for treasure, and the decorating a Christmas ornament for the kids’ parents.

Christmas Tea 2015

Stagecoach Days Pie & Booya 2015

The Stagecoach Days Celebration was a HUGE success! We served about 750 slices of (FREE) pie and collected over $600 to be used for one of our local mission projects.

Fall Dinner 2015

Our Annual Turkey Dinner was a huge success with more people served than in recent years and more money raised for our chosen charities. One hundred percent of the donations received from dinner guests went to Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau and The Refuge (a domestic abuse shelter for women & children). It was a wonderful time of working together to welcome our friends, family, and neighbors in for a great meal!